Dobrev Website

Why shop at Dobrev’c Cheese Store?

Without compromising the quality of the products and service we offer you the convenience of shopping online and providing you with the opportunity to:

– save time and energy for yourself and your loved ones, also sports, hobbies, recreation;
– choose quality, natural and tasty food, good for you and your health;
– get products directly from the manufacturer and selected suppliers;
– count on care and attention in the preparation and delivery of products.


How can I place an order?

1. Select products
You can view and order from the online store even without registration. You have the freedom to choose from a products range, grouped in several categories.

You can purchase directly from the group pages or from the page of each product.

It is necessary to specify the desired quantity and pack (products size) and click “Add to Basket”. Adter that the system will inform you that you have added the chosen product.


2. Review Order
You have access to your shopping basket at any time – check the upper right corner for “BASKET: X product – X.XX lev” and only by placing the cursor of the mouse over it a list of its contents will be displayed.

By clicking go to the basket you view a page from where you can adjust the selected products and quantity, and by clicking “Update Basket” you can see the actual amount of the order after the adjustment.


3. Login / Address and contacts
When done, from the page of your basket/ review order, click “Buy” to finalize your order. A page will load and you will have to enter shipping address and contacts.

If you hava already registered, you can log in with your email and password. If you do not have, please be sure to tick over “Create Account” while filling the blank and you will be able to register directly from your first order.

If you do not want to register at this stage, you can send your order without registration in the store, just complete your address and contact information.


Will I receive a confirmation on sent order?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email from our system. It contains the order number, chosen products, estimated amount, delivery address and contacts.

When your order is prepared our staff will contact you to confirm availability of products and the exact amount of payment.


Why are there estimated weights and what do they mean?

Most of the products are sold in units and single packed with an accurate weight.

For others, however, there are variations in weight (i.e. 240-260 g.), which require averaging and so the approximate standard packaging is displayed for them (i.e. 250 g.).

There are also products that have more than one option for size and are packed on site in stores (i.e. 500 g. Cheese; 200 g. Prosciutto slice) for each order. Therefore certain deviations are possible (i.e. 490 g. Cheese, 205 g. Prosciutto).

This leads to minimal variations in the total amount of the order.


Can I count on fresh and quality products?

Yes. The products for the online store are delivered daily, just like in our physical stores –they are produced, stored and delivered with maximum care and in short time to keep quality and ensure that they will come to your table fresh and delicious.


When is the ordered delivered, are there any  fees?

The delivery from Dobrev’s Online Cheese Store is only for Sofia, Bulgaria. Orders are accepted 24/7 and there is no requirement for minimum order amount. The delivery hours are from 12:00 – 20:00 everyday.

Orders made till 12:00 are delivered the same day. Orders made after 12:00 – on the following day.

Delivery fee: 12.00 lev and for orders over 50 lev delivery is free!


What methods of payment are accepted?

The method of payment is cash on delivery – payment of the amount due in cash upon delivery.


I want to make a change or cancel an order?

Given the short delivery time you can correct/ cancel your order within 1 hour after sending it – the moment when you get a confirmation email from the system for your order. If you want to do so, contact us by phone +359 877 11 77 95 from 8:00 to 20:00, it is necessary to specify the number of your order or personal account.


There is a missing or wrong product, which was not coordinated with me?

We strive to maintain a variety of selected products and adequate quantity to meet the demand. However, if a product is out of stock, our staff will call you to specify whether you want the product to be replaced with a substitute (if applicable) or canceled from the order and the amount due recalculated.

In case of mistake when a product is missing or wrong, please excuse us and call us at +359 877 11 77 95, so that we can check and respond immediately.


There is a damaged product in the delivered order?

We do our best to prepare and deliver products with care and attention, so although it is unlikely, if there is a damaged product, please contact us as soon as possible at: +359 877 11 77 95, in order to replace the product, the delivery costs will be at our expense.


I have a question that is not mentioned?

Contact us by email: or phone:+359 877 11 77 95